Cantega is a rapidly growing and leading provider of engineered turnkey animal mitigation solutions, innovative products, technologies and services all designed to improve our customers  power systems reliability and profitability.

 Cantega’s highly qualified multi-disciplinary management team and consulting team include experienced power linemen, wildlife experts, polymer and plastics chemists, tool-and-die experts, polymer fabricators and business professionals.

Cantega is dedicated to Improving Power System Reliability.

To do this, Cantega has structured 3 business units:

Greenjacket is a precise-fit engineered cover-up solution which has achieved proven success at utilities and industrial customers across North America. Using technology as part of its services data collection as well as through it’s design and manufacturing processes, Greenjacket is clearly differentiated in the marketplace by being the only true precise-fit class of cover-up available to mitigate wildlife-caused power outages. With up to 20% of all power outages being animal or bird caused, the issue is significant and has significant impacts on utilities and their end customers. From lost productivity to plant shutdowns to airport interruptions to mission critical services disruptions, power outages caused by wildlife has broad sweeping impacts on everyone – and these types of outages are preventable. Greenjacket has proven 95% to 100% effective at eliminating wildlife-caused power outages at 2 of its largest customers. Statistically, reliability can be greatly improved by adopting the use of such an effective solution.

Based upon customer demand for guards that are easier to install and made of a superior (fire resistant) material, Cantega established a second business unit known as Reliaguard Inc. A team of chemical engineers was engaged to develop Reliatanium, a proprietary resin plastic that will not burn or drip and is tested to meet specific criteria of the IEEE 1656-2010 Guide. At the same time, the Reliaguard team of linemen worked with a team of designers to build molds for the most common types of wildlife guards used on both the powerline and in substations. Reliaguard also developed a superior conductor cover product known as GreyEEL. The portfolio of guards and conductor cover offered by Reliaguard has gained immediate market traction and is on a strong growth trajectory after 2 years of development and initial market entry.

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Wildlife Mitigation
Cindy Kemper

Tools in the Toolbox to Minimize Bird-Caused Outages

Birds have no doubt been interacting with power lines and substations since the latter first appeared on the landscape. Indeed, the first record of avian collision mortality from power lines dates back to the late 1800’s, and at least one record of electrocution in North America was made as early as 1922.  These incidents occur

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Darren Barnett

This post is the first in a series of seven excerpts from an electric utility industry white paper prepared by FTI Consulting, entitled, THE CASE FOR ELIMINATING ANIMAL-CAUSED OUTAGES IN ELECTRIC SUBSTATIONS AND ON POWERLINES. The full white paper may be downloaded by clicking here.

Darren Barnett, VP MEPP (Manufacturer’s Equipment Protection Program) / Technical Services, holds a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Louisiana Tech University and has over 28 years of experience in the electric power distribution industry. Darren’s career started as a design engineer for a major transformer and components manufacturer. From there he advanced to positions of increasing responsibility, including Quality Assurance Manager, Engineering Manager and Vice President of Components Operations. Darren is an active member of IEEE and was on the committee that developed the 1656 -2010 testing guide for wildlife mitigation products.