Best Standard of Safety and Performance for Substations

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You Deserve the Best Standard of Safety and Performance

The Importance of Standards – Why do we have them?

Standards are established in order to meet technical, safety, regulatory, societal and market needs.

Standards help create awareness and understanding of the importance of standards and the critical role they play in industry.

What we do to meet standards with IEEE 1656!


Greenjacket and Reliaguard manufacture covers to prevent power outages caused by animal and bird contacts on energized equipment. Greenjacket’s and Reliaguard’s proprietary dielectric materials are used to make cover-up that is specially designed to protect both common and unique equipment configurations. Both Greenjacket and Reliatanium are formulated to meet specific test criteria of the IEEE Standard 1656™-2010.


The IEEE Guide 1656™-2010 is: 

  • The Approved Guide for Testing the Electrical, Mechanical and Durability Performance of Wildlife Protective Devices on Overhead Power Distribution Systems Rated up to 38kV.
  • Recognized by the electrical industry as the most comprehensive guideline to date for testing wildlife protective devices on overhead power distribution systems.


Greenjacket and Reliatanium Testing includes:

  • Flammability Testing
  • Salt Fog Aging
  • Ultraviolet Aging
  • Tracking and Erosion Resistance
  • Wet Power Frequency Flashover
  • Wet Withstand


When a flashover or contact occurs, cover-up that doesn’t support combustion is important for limiting damage to critical equipment and infrastructure. Our materials used in parts production has achieved a V-O flammability rating, the highest flammability rating, which means it does not support combustion.

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