Cantega Technologies Inc Announces Launch of Technology Services Platform for Reliability (RTS)

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For Immediate Release

Cantega Technologies Inc Announces Launch of Technology Services Platform for Reliability (RTS)

January 23, 2018 (San Antonio, Texas) – Cantega Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the formation of Cantega Reliability Technology Services (RTS) and the pre-launch of the Cantega Reliability Portal at DistribuTECH 2018.

RTS includes both a technology platform and a range of services provided by Cantega to assist customers with their reliability performance by strategically planning for the prevention of wildlife caused outages.

RTS offers a web based platform that allows customers to effectively and interactively manage their wildlife mitigation programs. It includes incident tracking / management / reporting, a record of all Greenjacket deployments with related Site Protection Plans and site information, and a knowledge base of related industry and regulatory information.  Cantega will be providing demonstrations during DistribuTECH in booth 3055.

About Cantega:

Cantega Technologies was founded in 2001 by a power lineman who knew first hand that there was a better way to design and build power system cover-up products and to improve reliability. Marty Niles, the founder with over 25 years’ experience as a lineman in the field, witnessed the damage and disruption caused by bird and animal contacts with electrical equipment.   Marty invented the data collection tools and processes for designing and manufacturing precise-fit cover-up for substation equipment.  The resulting product is known as Greenjacket.  Greenjacket has been adopted by utilities across North America since it was first deployed in 2006.  In 2016, Cantega set up a second subsidiary, known as Reliaguard, to build a superior portfolio of quick fit guards for animal-caused power outage mitigation on the powerline.  Reliaguard products are made of Reliatanium, a proprietary plastic resin that does not burn or drip and is tested to meet specific performance guidelines established in the IEEE 1656 – 2010 guide.  Cantega is focused on Improving Power System Reliability.

Media Contact:           Gayle Howard, Executive EVP Corporate Development   1-877-448-9701

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