Cantega Technologies Announces the Launch of Reliaguard Inc and the GreyEEL and EEL Slider Products at ICUEE 2015

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Alberta, Canada – September 30, 2015 – Cantega Technologies Inc., manufacturer of Greenjacket animal and bird cover-up protection covers for substation equipment, is announcing the formation of a subsidiary, Reliaguard Inc., and the launch of two new product lines namely – GreyEEL™ Conductor Cover and The EEL Slider™.

Reliaguard Inc., a subsidiary of Cantega Technologies Inc., is dedicated to the manufacture of injection mold and thermoform cover-up parts as well as conductor cover – all intended for use for the prevention of animal and bird-caused power outages on the powerline.

Reliaguard manufactures products for customers requiring volumes of a single cover type or volumes of conductor cover. Reliaguard products can be installed with rubber glove or hot stick work methods and allows for retrofitting of systems without interruptions.

Protecting conductors is an essential component when applying effective cover-up to prevent animal and bird caused outages. Reliaguard’s GreyEEL Conductor Cover helps prevent contacts by eliminating gaps in coverage. The product’s improved protection is achieved with a significantly overlapped seam design and material memory technology that supports exceptional closure performance.

Reliaguard has developed the revolutionary EEL Slider tool to apply GreyEEL. The EEL Slider is a dielectric tool designed for use with the rubber glove work method or for de-energized installation. The difficulty of applying conductor cover by hand is eliminated with the EEL Slider. Ergonomically designed and easy to use, the EEL Slider optimizes safety, dexterity and the speed of applying GreyEEL. The EEL Slider is Patent Pending.

For more information on Reliaguard, GreyEEL or The EEL Slider, please contact our direct sales force at 949.305.3311 or or visit the Reliaguard website: 


About Cantega

Cantega was founded in 2001 by a power lineman who knew first hand that there was a better way to build power system protection and improve reliability. Martin (Marty) Niles had 25 years in the field and had witnessed the damage and disruption caused by bird and animal contact with electrical equipment. Animal and bird caused outages pose a significant risk to power reliability in North America. Up to 20% of all power outages are animal and bird caused. Cantega is a privately held company.

About Reliaguard

Reliaguard, a subsidiary of Cantega, manufactures its GreyEEL, EEL Slider and powerline part covers in the USA. Reliaguard designs and manufactures Better Solutions for Powerline Protection.


Media Contact:

Gayle Howard, Executive VP Marketing and Sales


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