Cantega Technologies Wins ASTech 2014 Award for Outstanding Achievement in Environmental Technology and Innovation

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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – November 4th,  2014 – Cantega Technolgies Inc. (“Cantega”), manufacturer of Greenjacket cover-up to prevent animal and bird caused power outages, was recognized by ASTech on Friday, October 24th at its annual gala.  This gala marked the 25th year of the awards which recognize organizations and teams who have contributed significantly to the success of science and technology in Alberta.

The Environmental Technology and Innovation award is presented to an individual, team or organization that has demonstrated leadership and innovation in the successful development and/or commercialization of novel technology or processes with significant environmental benefit.

Cantega has several Canadian and US Patents/Patents pending for the technology and processes it has developed to manufacture the only precise fit cover-up in the marketplace.  Cantega has successfully entrenched itself in the Canadian utilities marketplace and is expanding its list of major US utilities recognizing  Cantega for its superior product offering.

Cantega ‘s ability to protect a system with precise accuracy of coverage has both economic and environmental benefits.

From an environmental perspective, a covered system protects both endangered and non-endangered wildlife alike.  Another environmental benefit of this technology comes as a byproduct of implementing better covers.  In oil production, outages can cause companies to flare off sour gas. These flares are harmful for air quality and can potentially cause wildfires.

From an economic standpoint, preventing unscheduled outages is highly cost effective.   Outages can affect plant operating efficiencies through the waste of energy to restart plant operations.  For example, in the Alberta oil sands restarting a plant due to a power outage is a costly and major undertaking.  A similar loss of commercial and energy efficiency would be experienced at other manufacturing plants suffering a power outage.

Further, outages affect the reliability of power supply delivered by utility companies to businesses and consumers.  Through the prevention of outages by using advanced precise fit cover-up, many areas of society are protected including:

  • Retail and Commercial Businesses
  • Consumers
  • Plant Operations
  • Mission Critical Support Services such as Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Call Center Emergency Support Services
  • Infrastructure Projects, Services and Supporting Technologies Dependent on Power Supply
  • Airports
  • Police, Fire and Rescue Services
  • All operations dependent on a reliable power supply

For more information about Cantega’s products, please contact the company by phone 1-877-448-9701 or through their website:

About Cantega:

Cantega Technologies was founded in 2001 by a power lineman who knew first hand that there was a better way to design and build power system protection products and to improve reliability. Marty Niles, the founder with over 25 years experience in the field, witnessed the damage and disruption caused by bird and animal contacts with electrical equipment. He recognized the value of custom-fitting covers as opposed to the common “one size fits all” approach for protective products.  He also realized that having covers that could be installed quickly on energized equipment added tremendous value to utilities.  Cantega’s products are used by AltaLink, BC Hydro, Fortis, Hydro One, Westar, Florida Power & Light, Pacific Gas & Electric, PEPCO, MidAmerican and other North American utilities. Industrial customers such as Shell, Valero, Suncor, Ford, Kautex and Anadarko have also adopted the use of Cantega products where the cost of an outage is measured in lost revenue and can amount to millions for a brief outage.

About ASTech:

The Alberta Science and Technology Leadership (ASTech) Foundation is a not-for-profit organization founded through an industry initiative in 1989. The ASTech Foundation was created to showcase the substantial achievements in Science & Technology in Alberta and to promote the importance of these activities to social and economic benefit.  ASTech has grown with the support of patron organizations spanning major industries – including agriculture, health, education, energy and technology – all of whom recognize and celebrate excellence in science and technology in Alberta.  The ASTech Foundation’s mission is to identify and celebrate outstanding achievements in science and technology in Alberta in order to inspire future innovation and leadership.

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