Cantega Customers

Cantega offers products and services to electrical utilities, renewable generation, nuclear power and industrial customers. 

In the electrical utilities sector, Cantega services Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs), cooperatives and municipalities. Renewable customers include those providing wind and solar electricity.  Nuclear power include generating sites which have substations in their system.  Industrial customers include any that have electrical substations feeding their facilities – whether they manage these facilities or use a utility to manage their services.

Cantega has provided covers and guards to 90% of the IOUs in Canada and 50% of the top 50 IOUs in the United States.

AltaLink - Case Study

AltaLink was Cantega’s first customer and has grown to be the companies anchor customer.

AltaLink, a Berkshire Hathaway Energy company, is Alberta’s largest regulated electricity transmission company. AltaLink manages more than 13,000 kilometers of lines and 300 substations. AltaLink is focused on delivering reliability, dependability, fair prices and exceptional service to its customers. As part of the effort to improve reliability, AltaLink adopted the use of Greenjacket. 

AltaLink has tracked the performance of Greenjacket at its substations since 2005 and the improved reliability performance is significant. According to Mike Bartel, VP Asset Management at AltaLink,

“Greenjacket has improved our load interruption duration performance by 95% at AltaLink substations where we had been experiencing frequent wildlife contacts/interruptions. It is rare to find such an investment in reliability that essentially guarantees effectiveness. This type of improvement not only improves our reliability performance, it also improves our customer satisfaction and reduces our impact on the environment.”

For more information on the AltaLink performance of Greenjacket and improvement on their reliability, please see the AltaLink Case study.

BC Hydro - Case Study

According to Pat Hogan, former Vice President of T&D Engineering and Design, BC Hydro

“In 2009, BC Hydro installed Greenjacket at seven substations that were deemed critical for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. These substations had a history of animal related outages, and Greenjacket was selected because of the precise-fit characteristics and comprehensive cover-up plan to eliminate vulnerabilities. As our cover-up program has expanded, our team reviewed Greenjacket’s effectiveness in reducing animal caused outages. There have been no incidences of bird or animal caused outages in any of our protected substations. To date, Greenjacket has been 100% effective in eliminating these types of outages for BC Hydro.”

For more information on Greenjacket’s success at BC Hydro, please see our case studies section of the website.

Westar - Case Study

Animal and bird-caused customer outage minutes at those five locations averaged about 500,000 annually

In 2013, Westar selected a substation that serves part of Manhattan, Kansas, as the initial pilot project. Cantega was called in to solve Westar’s issue with ongoing wildlife-caused outages. According to Dave Claussen, Executive Director System Maintenance at Westar, “In 2013, Westar selected five substations where we expected Greenjacket would provide the most benefit. In the three years leading up to that, animal and bird-caused customer outage minutes at those five locations averaged about 500,000 annually. In 2014, after Greenjacket was installed those outage minutes dropped significantly to 50,000, and then to zero minutes in 2015.”

For more information on Greenjacket’s performance at Westar, please see our case studies section.

When a single shutdown at a production facility can cost millions

Cantega provides it’s solutions to some of the most recognized industrial brands in North America to protect the substations serving their plant facilities from wildlife-caused power outages. 

Where a single shutdown at a production facility can cost millions in:

  • lost time production,
  • lost product production,
  • facilities restart,

preventing wildlife-caused power outages is a modest investment.

Please see the case studies section for examples of where 

Greenjacket has provided 100% effective protection to industrial facilities where there was a history of wildlife – caused outages.