Greenjacket Moves to Larger Manufacturing Facility to Meet Customer Demands

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Foothill Ranch, CA – January 23, 2018 – Greenjacket Inc., the maker of the only precise-fit class of cover-up to prevent animal and bird caused outages on substation equipment, is pleased to announce that it has moved into a brand new manufacturing facility to increase capacity based on accelerating Investor Owned Utility demand for its solution.  Greenjacket has also recognized 100% Year over Year from purchases made by its industrial customers.  Customers have recognized improved reliability performance by preventing a prevalent source of outages – wildlife caused power outages.  Up to 20% of all power outages are caused by animals and birds based on a study by EPRI (2001) to determine the source of power outages.  The Department of Energy has identified that approximately $150 Billion dollars of lost economy in the United States is due to power outages.  Based on 20% of outages likely being animal or bird caused, this equates to up to $30 Billion in lost economy due to wildlife caused outages – outages which are preventable.   AltaLink has measured the performance of Greenjacket over a 10-year period that it has increasingly been deployed on their substation system.  During that time, at their key substations where they had one outage per year they are down to one outage per 13 years.  AltaLink has tracked the performance of Greenjacket at its substations since 2005 and the improved reliability performance is significant.  According to Mike Bartel, VP Asset Management at AltaLink, a Berkshire Hathaway Energy Company,

“Greenjacket has improved our load interruption duration performance by 95% at AltaLink substations that were experiencing frequent outages of contacts occurring at least once every two years.  This type of improvement is significant and has not only improved our measurable reliability performance but has also improved customer satisfaction.”

For more information on the Greenjacket Inc precise-fit engineered solution, be sure to visit Greenjacket’s booth #3055 at DistribuTECH where founder and lineman Marty Niles may be interviewed. Alternately, you may contact our direct sales force at 949.305.3311 or, or visit the Greenjacket Inc website:

About Greenjacket Inc. ®

Greenjacket precise-fit engineered solutions have been available to utilities across North America since 2005.  Greenjacket Inc. is a subsidiary of Cantega Technologies. Greenjacket is a precise-fit engineered solution which uses technology to image substation equipment, technology to design covers to within 1/8th to 1/16th of accuracy to the surface of the equipment, patented manufacturing processes to produce Greenjacket cover-up, and linemen services to support customers with the deployment of Greenjacket.  Greenjacket mitigates power outages by preventing contact by wildlife on energized equipment.  Cover-up is a category of product recognized by the utility market.


Media Contact:                       Gayle Howard, Executive VP Corporate Development   1-877-448-9701

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