Greenjacket Reduced Wildlife-Caused Outages: AltaLink Case Study Part 2

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This is the second in a two-part series that investigates the impact that Greenjacket has delivered in reducing the frequency of wildlife-caused outages to AltaLink, a Berkshire Hathaway company.

AltaLink, a Berkshire Hathaway Energy company, is Alberta’s largest regulated electricity transmission company. AltaLink manages more than 13,000 kilometers of lines and 300 substations. AltaLink is focused on delivering reliability, dependability, fair prices and exceptional service to its customers. As part of the effort to improve reliability, AltaLink adopted the use of Greenjacket. The following report on the statistical performance of Greenjacket, outlines the improved reliability performance effectively reducing the instances of animal and bird caused power outages.

95% reduction in the average load interruption duration in the 12 stations that historically have seen at least one contact every two years.

Effective Investment in Reducing Wildlife Caused Outages Over the Past 10 Years

Greenjacket continues to deliver significant results for AltaLink:

  1. A 94% reduction in frequency of wildlife-caused outages across the substations covered with Greenjacket
  2. On average, the outage rate due to wildlife contact has reduced from one outage every year to one outage every 10 years
  3. Reductions in load interruption duration has gone from 248 minutes to 12 minutes; an improvement of 95%

Greenjacket plays an important role in AltaLink’s focus on delivering reliability, exceptional service to their customers, and protecting the environment. AltaLink’s 10-year historical performance tracking proves the significant impact that Greenjacket has had on improving AltaLink’s reliability measures. AltaLink has written Greenjacket installation into its standards. Based on a risk evaluation, AltaLink continues to deploy Greenjacket within its remaining substations.

For more information on Greenjacket, please contact: or call 1-877-448-9701

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