Reliaguard Launches New Manufacturer Equipment Protection Program

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Reliaguard Launches New Manufacturer Equipment Protection Program 

Foothill Ranch, CA – January 23, 2018 Building on the success of their official launch in early 2016, Reliaguard’s superior portfolio of wildlife mitigation products continues to expand along with a new

Manufacturer Equipment Protection Program (MEPP).

Having a guard that’s designed to fit precise to the equipment is key, several utilities have made it very clear that today’s animal and bird guards that are currently being shipped with equipment, or being offered as an accessory, are less than adequate. These utilities have expressed their interest in seeking alternative options. MEPP is structured to provide a working relationship with the manufacturers each step of the way, developing and designing guards that will precisely fit their current equipment as well as future equipment.

According to Billy Huard, Reliaguard President, “We live in an era of high customer expectations. Huge monetary and reputation damage may be associated with outages at critical distribution facilities or on the powerline. The addition of MEPP allows us to extend our superior portfolio of wildlife mitigation products for distribution infrastructure that is at risk from outages and damage caused by wildlife contact to the market.”

In support of the MEPP launch, Reliaguard Inc is pleased to announce the hiring of Darren Barnett, a 25-year industry veteran, as VP, MEPP. Darren will be working together with equipment manufacturers, custom-designing quality Reliaguard IEEE 1656 equipment guards that protect critical assets for their loyal customers. Every day critical equipment is damaged and or written off from bird and wildlife guards that are ill-fitting, costing utilities millions of dollars in lost revenue from related outages.

For more information on Reliaguard® powerline parts, GreyEEL, EEL Slider, or MEPP, be sure to visit Reliaguard’s booth #3461 at DistribuTECH where you may meet with President, Billy Huard and learn more about the new program launch. Also, founder and lineman, Marty Niles may be interviewed. Alternately, you may contact our direct sales force at 949.305.3311 or, or visit the Reliaguard website:


About Reliaguard®

Reliaguard® is a subsidiary of Cantega Technologies Inc., dedicated to the design of commodity animal and bird guards for the powerline.  Reliaguard® also manufactures conductor cover to be used in conjunction with its animal guards.  Manufactured in California, USA, Reliaguard® parts are produced on a volume basis using injection mold and thermoform manufacturing processes and priced affordably for large volume purchases.


Media Contact:             Gayle Howard, Executive VP Corporate Development   1-877-448-9701

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